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EX-F320 Premium, C8051F Development Board
EX-F320 Premium, C8051F Development Board EX-F320 Premium, C8051F Development Board EX-F320 Premium, C8051F Development Board

EX-F320 Premium, C8051F Development Board

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  • Description
A complete starter kit and development system for the C8051F320 microcontroller


A complete starter kit and development system for the C8051F320 microcontroller. It is designed to give designers a quick start to develop code on the device.

This development system contains a main development board with the C8051F320 chip in LQFP32 package, and an additional expansion board with various peripheral devices.

The BUS-A & BUS-B headers located on both boards should be used to connect the two boards via 10-pin cables, which are delivered with the product. As shown in the figure right.

What's On Board


  • Power
    • Powered from mini USB port or 5V DC jack, configured via on board switch
    • Power input/output pin headers
      • spare power input
      • convenient for providing power supply to other board/device if necessary
  • Onboard Chips
    • C8051F320 (LQFP32), the C8051F Microcontroller
    • AMS1117-3.3, on board regulator
  • Interfaces
    • JTAG/C2 interface for programming/debuging
    • mini USB interface
    • BUS-A & BUS-B, for connecting to the expansion board DVK501, ease to study/develop various peripheral devices
  • Human to Machine Interface
    • Reset button, used to reset the system
    • Power indicator LED
  • Other Features
    • External crystal configurable
      • there is a jumper for selecting on board 12M crystal or custom crystal mounted via the socket
      • a jumper for configuring MCU pins as oscillator inputs or regular I/O pins
    • All the MCU I/O pins are accessible on expansion connectors for further expansion
    • All the pins are clearly marked on the PCB. These marks provide the basic information on the pins
  1. Microcontroller
    • C8051F320
    • LQFP32 package
  2. On board regulator
    • AMS1117-3.3
  3. External crystal configuration
    • on-board 12 M crystal on left side
    • custom crystal socket on right side
    • selected via jumper
  4. Power input switch
    • USB or 5V DC
  5. Reset
  6. Power indicator
  7. mini USB interface
  8. 5V DC jack
  9. Peripherals expansion ports
    • for connecting to DVK501
    • header pinout definition is provided
    • easy to develop various peripherals
  1. 10-pin JTAG/C2 interface
    • standard C2 interface
  2. External crystal enable jumper
    • short the jumper to use external crystal
    • open the jumper to config the pins as regular I/O pins
  3. Jumper 3.3VJMP
    • open the jumper when REG0 enabled
    • short the jumper when REG0 disabled
  4. Jumper REGJMP
    • short PWR5V & REGIN when REG0 enabled
    • short REGIN & VDD when REG0 disabled
  5. Pin headers connected to MCU I/O pins
    • marked clearly on the PCB
    • easy for testing and further expansion
  6. Power Input/Output
    • 5V/3.3V
    • power input (spare)
    • power output


Device on boardDescriptionInterface
AT24CXX2-Wire Serial EEPROM keeps data after power downI2C
PCF8563Real-time clock/calendar, low backup current from batteryI2C
PCF85918-bit A/D and D/A converter, four channels AD conversion, one channel DA conversionI2C
PCF8574Remote 8-bit I/O expanderI2C
DS18B20Programmable Resolution 1-Wire Digital Thermometer, measures temperatures from –55°C to +125°C1-Wire
DS2401Silicon Serial Number, a low-cost, electronic registration number that provides an absolutely unique identity1-Wire
AT45DBXXSerial-interface sequential access Flash memory ideally suited for higher memory density requirementSPI
74HC1648-bit serial-in, parallel-out shift register, for reducing the IO costSART
74HC1658-bit parallel-in, serial out shift register, for reducing the IO costSART
MAX32323.0V to 5.5V, True RS-232 Transceivers, for communicating with the PCserial
MAX485RS-485 Transceiver, for long distance communicationserial
PS/2PS/2 interface, for connecting the keyboard or mouse2 wires
LED8-bit status indicator LED, also can be used for displaying simple data8 wires
Character LCD ConnectorUsed for connecting the character LCD module, such as LCD16027 wires or 11 wires
Graphic LCD ConnectorUsed for connecting the Graphic LCD module, such as LCD12864SPI or 12 wires


Examples that come with this development system will show you how to connect the C8051F microcontroller to other peripheral components or devices and how to develope your prototype device easily. The pictures below show how the EX-F320 works with the DVK501 and the results of the examples.

Note: The LCD12864 is not included in the price, please browse our store to buy it separately if you need one. Click on the image to enlarge.

This development board supports 3.3V LCD ONLY.

Displaying text on LCD

Serial/parallel communication example using 74HC164/74HC165

Writing and Reading data from AT24CXX EEPROM via I2C interface

Writing and Reading data from AT45DBXX DATAFLASH via SPI interface

Measuring temperature using DS18B20+ and displaying results on LCD

Sending and receiving data over UART interface using MAX3232

Reading date and time from PCF8563 Real Time Clock

Example of PCF8574 I/O expander

A/D conversion and displaying conversion results on LCD

Sending data from PS/2 keyboard

Sending and receiving data over UART interface using MAX485

registration number identification via 1-wire bus using DS2401

Development Resources

  • User Guide CD
    • CD with software, drivers and examples
  • Schematic Circuit Diagram
    • PDF
  • Examples in C
    • Based on Silabs IDE and Keil
  • Related Software
    • Silabs IDE
    • Keil
  • Datasheets of the chips